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Point of Sale (POS) software, also known as electronic Point of Sale (ePOS), is an essential application for retail or hospitality businesses, because it manages checkout operations and is what the customer sees when they make a transaction.

Cashier Friendly

PiCS Point Of Sale (POS) Software is designed with a eyecatching graphical user interface, Users can learn easily with minimal training period, no prior computer skills required.

 Barcode Compatibility

Barcode Compatibility dramatically reduces clerical errors and check-out times. Retailers can directly print their own professional looking barcode with company name, barcode, item name, price..etc from pos the software.

 Real Time Inventory

Inventory Management is an essential part of a retail business. By using PiCS POS Software, It will automatically update your inventory every time you make a sale

 Reports to Analyse Business

Retailer can easily generate comprehensive reports to analyse the business statistics. Product wise, Category wise, periodical, sales man wise, Fast moving & Slow moving Reports..etc